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4-Nitro-2-Amino Phenol
Chemical Name 4- Nitro 2- Amino Phenol (4 NAP)
Chemical Formula C6H6O3N2
Molecular Formula
CAS No. 99-57-0
Molecular Weight 154
Appearance Greenish Yellow Powder
Strength (Purity by NV) 70% Minimum
Insolubles Less then 0.2% (In HCL Solution)
Isomers Di-Amino Phenol Cont. 0.5% Maximum,
Di-Nitro Phenol Cont 0.3% Maximum
Sales Basis On Real Content 100% Basis
Packing 25 kg Asis in HDPE Bags with PP Liner
Solubility Soluble in Dilute Acid and Alkaline Solution
End Use Dyestuff & Dyes Intermediates