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Our Facilities

Effluent Treatment Plant

The company has full fledge Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) because of which we have consolidated consent for our products for five years from government authorities. The company’s ETP consist of Primary Treatment unit with Neutralizer, Flocculator & Lamella. This is followed by Aeration tank and then with Secondary treatment consisting of Sand and Carbon treatment. These facilities is good enough to handle 40 kl of Industrial Effluent of captioned products per day. From company’s ETP the effluent goes in underground drainage system to Common Effluent Treatment plant of GIDC, where it is again matched with the Marine norms before discharge to the river. The common facilities also have Solid Waste disposal land along with common Incinerator facility. All these facilities add to the advantage of handling any quantity of effluent of any nature. Below are of the pictures of company’s ETP

Laboratory & Production Facilities

The company has sophisticated and well maintained Laboratory for testing of all Raw Materials, Material in Process and Finished Goods. The Lab consist of latest testing facilities managed by experienced technicians. We are having SS vessels of 3.0 kl to 8.0 kl, Open MSRL of 15.0 to 18.0 kl, Cooling and chilling facilities, Condensers, Centrifuge, Tray Dryer, Steam Boiler, Filter Press, Large handling & Storage facilities of Raw Material and Finished Products. We also have 4000 of free open land for future development.